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Becoming a study program which produces graduates who have leadership and entrepreneurship spirit, decease are also leading in financial accounting, drugs to meet the global and dynamic changes and development.


Conducting a professional education focusing in financial accounting, by preparing students to be professional accountants having leadership spirit with analytical competence to solve accounting problems, in line with the accounting policy and standard in Indonesia and international context, also having a high social concern in the society


Study Program Specialization
Accountancy Study Program gives opportunities to students to choose their specialization according to their skill and interest. Specialization in Accountancy Study Program is divided into :

  1. Finance Accountancy
  2. Management Accountancy
  3. Tax Accounting
  4. Accountancy Audit
  5. Accountancy Information System

Purpose of Education

  1. To produce International-quality graduates with professionality in finance accountancy and accountancy information system, have a good moral, honesty, good ethics, and global competitiveness.
  2. To increase the quantity of ethical and international-quality research in finance accountancy and accountancy information system that can give contribution to the society.
  3. To increase the skill and sensitivity in solving the problems in the national and international society according to the Tridharma University

Work Prospect
Implementation of Education in Ecomomy Faculty, Accountancy Majors has a purpose to produce ready-to-work graduates with Accountancy degree in the sector of:

  1. Finance Accountancy, able to arrange and understand many kind of financial reports such as income statements, stock and capital, balance and cash flow, and also capable to take economical decision according to the information of the financial reports.
  2. Management Accountancy, capable to become a Management Accountant responsible in identifying, collecting, measuring, analyzing, preparing, interpreting, and communicating financial information concerns with customer value’s increase and total quality management to all member of the organization, especially to Accountant Management.
  3. Taxation, capable to arrange financial report according to Indonesian taxation policy, able to count and report taxation, make periodic/annual tax statement (PPN, PPh Pasal 21, Pasal 25 orang pribadi dan badan ), and also understand the international taxation.
    Work prospect : Tax Consultant, Tax Planner, and Company Tax Accountant.
  4. Accountancy Audit, capable to make audit planning, conduct the audit, and making the report of audit.
    Work Prospect : External Auditor, Internal Auditor.
  5. Accountancy Information System, capable in designing and developing accountancy Information System, manually or computerized.