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Civil Engineering


to be a Civil Engineering study program that produces competence graduates with international quality standard in implementing Civil Engineering knowledge and technology also being able to apply in the development archipelago region to meet the demand and global dynamic changes.


To Implement teaching, ambulance hospital research and community service about civil engineering in construction innovation winth international standard, capsule information pills through:

Civil innovation learning and education application which intendendto develop student’ competency in civil engineering and urban devolopment.
Critical, analitical and aplicative research application in civil engineering innovation which benefits the society’s life facing the global changes.
Useful research implementation for society’s life which intended to improve the society’s welfare and the competitive advanted of riau islands province’s societyas borderline area in facing the global dynamics changes.
Active roles in improving science and technology through the activities conducted by the construction service community.
Cooperation with other institutions, whether the goverment, construction service community and educational institutions in national and international levels, in the application of Tri Darma Perguruan Tinggi (Three Higher Education Ethics Codes)
Professional academics administration service and information technology based service which can give accurate, fast and easily accessed service.

Purpose of Education

To prepare students to become graduates with construction management skill and capable to become leader with international quality standard, which is;

Have academic skill and/or professionality in civil engineering, especially in construction management applied according to the need of society in national and international context.
Have capabilities to analyze and critical-thinking about global development and changes in civil engineering either in national or international level.
Able to follow up the development of technology and able to apply it to increase and develop the research in civil engineering either in national or international level.
Able to apply their own knowledge and skill for the good of society, through global information, implementation, and planning in construction management.

You can download curriculum here.