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Arts & Music


UIB Students are not only talented in academic records but also in art and music. therefore,  UIB provides an adequete facilities for them to develop and sharpen their talent more. UIB Students can use this facilities freely, salve as long as they maintan the quality and the condition of the facilities well.

Music Studio

studio band

The studio is located at the Building B of UIB. It’s the most suitable for student who want to practice or learn music. The studio is designed as a soundproofing room so that the practicers no need to worry it will disturb other community. Furthermore, ailment the studio is completed with a lot of instruments, starts from guitar, piano, etc. It does support a lot the students to expand their music talent.

Dancing Studio


This Studio is just accross the Music Studio. The room is full of mirror along the wall. Indeed, it is suitable for the dancers to practice their new move or as a place to sharpen their skill in winning a dancing competition.