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International Program

As a university oriented to achive the International Standard, and information pills UIB provides several International Programs for outstanding students, viagra order such as : Student Exchange, and Credit Transfer, Double Degree, Lecturer Exchange Program. To launch the program efficiently, UIB has an International Relation Office which specially serve the students with the International Programs.

The International Relation Office of Universitas Internasional Batam (IRO) was established in November 2010. The International Relation Office (IRO) is an institute under the Vice Rector III – which provides quality advising services and supportive porgramming to UIB students who are participating in exchange programs or who are planning to study further in a foreign country. We also provide information for UIB students,  faculty, and staff about student & staff exchange programs, as well as shcolarship offered by various foreign universities and other funding institutions. It is our pleasure to welcome you to the IRO – UIB wheter you are a prospective student or a student already enrolled in a study program. We also like to encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have regarding the services. This office provides servicer for UIB students, lecturer and public in the following matters:

  • Providing information to students and lectureers of UIB who are going to study aboard
  • Coordinating and organizing international activities in UIB
  • Organizing international promotion of UIB
  • Facilitating UIB students in arranging formal documents

The Programs :

  • Student Exchange

Students learn international culture at the university for 1-2 months. This program not included in the credits but as Extracurricular Credit Unit.

  • Credit Transfer

Students take several course/ credit within 1 semester and then it will be recognized in the curriculum of UIB.

  • Double Degree

Study Program 3+1 (3 years in UIB, 1 year in overseas). Students will receive two degrees and two certificates from both universities.

  • Lecturer Exchange

Give chances for both UIB Lecturer and the Lecturer of respective universities in overseas to apply their expertise in certain period at both universities.