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UIB Students do not study based on curriculum only, but they are also obligated to participate in any practical activities according with their own department. The activities enable the students to apply the theories that got in the class in solving several problems or issues occurred in daily life.

 Class Policy

  1. Students must present in the practical class at least 75% of the total class. If the students do not reach the minimum presentation, they will not be allowed to attend the practical test and automatically declared fail and must repeat the class in the upcoming semester.
  2. Students will be declared fail in practical test if they get D or E.
  3. For the one who failed or haven’t pass the practical test must pay again to attend.
  4. For the one who passed will get the score in the Study Result Card and Practical Test Transcript.
  5. Practical class schedule is defined and reported by the laboratory staff.
  6. Students who attend the practical class will be guided by assistant pointed by the laboratory.

Class Regulation

  1. Students may not bring answers of practical test in printout or softcopy inside the practical class room.
  2. Students may only operate the computer program related to the practical class.
  3. Students may not bring food and drink inside the practical class room.
  4. Students may not take out the equipment used in the class outside of practical classroom.
  5. Students must keep the practical classroom clean.
  6. Students must take care of the equipment used in the practical class.
  7. If there is damage in the practical classroom, students may tell it to the assistant.

Policy about Practical test Evaluation

  1. Evaluation is grading process done continuously for one semester, done by:
    • practical test
    • other activities such as solitary task.
  2. Grading rules:
    • Practical results of every class is graded and evaluated many times through mid-semester test, final test, and solitary task.
    • Final grade in the addition of mid-semester test grade, final test, and solitary task after times with its weight.