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Law Science

UIB School of Law provides bachelor degree program for :

Law Science

The program emphasizes in comparative law which directed to international business. the students are trained to be leaders who posses environmental care and ability to enforce law in local and international context. The program also improves students’skill in international business law by problem solving through internship programs.

As a Study Program with international quality standard that produces law graduates that can meet dynamic changes of business law in the national and international context.


  • To implement legal education on business law through internatioanal comparative law approasches.
  • To conduct analytical research on business law based on international comparative law methods.
  • To carry out society services through consultation and advocacy.
  • To collaborate with higher educational and revelent institutions at national and international level.
  • To provide information and professional academic and non academic services by using current information and technology.

Purpose of Education
Law Science Bachelor Degree study program has a vision and mission to produce graduates with :

  1. Skill in national and international law comparison.
  2. Skill in litigation and non litigation practice.
  3. Skill in analyzing national and international lawsuit.
  4. Capabilities in conducting Legal interpretation
  5. Social and leadership spirit to compete in global market.

Work Prospect
Educational process in Law Science bachelor degree has a purpose to produce graduates with skill and capabilities in work field either in government offices or in private offices. Work fields for the Bachelor of Law such as:

  1. Court
  2. Attorney
  3. Advocate Office / Law Firm
  4. Banking
  5. Province and Town Government
  6. Notary Office / PPAT
  7. Private corporation / Multinational corporation
  8. Indonesian State Police
  9. Legal Aid Service
  10. Indonesia Department of Foreign Affairs
  11. Indonesia Department of Finance
  12. Indonesia Department of Internal Affairs
  13. Indonesia Department of Law and Civil Rights
  14. BUMN
  15. Universities
  16. Indonesia National Arbitration Board
  17. Research Organization
  18. Organizations related with law, such as Civil Right National Committee, Non-Governmental Organization, etc.

The study program uses Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) in general law study especially in business law with national and international law comparison approach, to give knowledge and skill to the graduates so they can apply the law in real life and compete in global market.
The main competency of the graduates is the capabilities in critical analyzing and solving the national and international lawsuit, practice the litigation in national / international court and outside the court, making national/international contract and e-commerce contract, making letter of pre-judgement, and capable to give law counseling / guidance.
The support competency of the graduates is the capabilities in English and the knowledge of the latest information technology. Competences of the graduates is the social and leadership spirit, courtesy, honesty, able to be self-employed or work in groups, and the spirit of self-employment and high responsibilities (positive attitude).

You can download curriculum hereĀ and syllabus here.