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The membership of UIB’s Library includes all academic civitas (permanent lecturers, impermanent lecturers, students, and administration staff) who register to become member of the library. Conditions to become the member of the library are:

  • fills the request form to become the member of the library.
  • encloses 2 pieces of photograph 2×3 .
  • encloses photocopy of Student’s card.

Several regulation for membership :

1. All the member of library will be given Membership Card (KTA)

2. KTA must be showed when visiting the library.

3. Valid period of the library KTA is 1(one) year for students, permanent lecturers, and administration staff, while the impermanent lecturers has a valid period for 1semester.

4. Library KTA is forbidden to be borrowed/used by other people.

5. Paying Rp. 10.000,- as administration fee