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Student & Lecturer Mobility

Student Mobility

Student Mobility Programs consist of:

  1. Credit Transfer
  2. This program includes Student Exchange Program with our partners in overseas. Students have the opportunity to study abroad for 1-2 semesters to earn some course credits. The credits taken will be acknowledged by Universitas Internasiona Batam (UIB) and added to their total credits.

  3. Dual-Degree and Fast Track Program
  4. By joining this program, students will be able to earn two degrees and these degrees certified by each university, UIB and one foreign university.

  5. Non-Degree and Non-Academics International Program
  6. This program includes cultural exchange program with our university partners and also 1-2 months camps at foreign universities.

  7. Non-Degree Chinese Language Program
  8. Students are able to learn Mandarin at our partners in China for 1 semester.

Lecturer/Staff Mobility

This program consists of Lecturer/Staff Exchange, Joint Research, Joint Seminar, and Guest Lecturer Program.