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Master of Management



As study program with international quality standard that produces qualified graduates with leadership and entrepreneurial spirited and competent in international management at the managerial level


  1. To implement a comprehensive management education and integrated case study methods according to nationally and international standard in international management.
  2. To conduct critical,  analytical and applicable research in international management in national and international context.
  3. To conduct management consulting in the business community.
  4. To establish cooperation in international management filed with relevant universities and institutions at both national and international level.


Smt Mata Kuliah/Subjects SKS/Credit Status
I Metodologi Penelitian/Research Methodology 3 Wajib/Compulsory
Manajemen Pemasaran Global/Global Marketing 3 Wajib/Compulsory
Manajemen Keuangan Perusahaan/Corporate Finance 3 Wajib/Compulsory
Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia Internasional/Internasional Human Resource Management 3 Wajib/Compulsory
II Manajemen Strategi/Strategic Management 3 Wajib/Compulsory
Manajemen Operasional/Operation Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Bisnis dan Kewirausahaan/Business and Entrepreneurship 3 Wajib/Compulsoryv
III Konsentrasi Manajemen Kebijakan Publik / Public Policy Management Concentration
Manajemen Kebijakan Publik / Public Policy Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Manajemen Pelayanan Publik / Public Service Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Seminar Kebijakan Publik / Seminar of Public Policy 3 Pilihan/Elective
Konsentrasi MSDM / HRM Concentration
Perencanaan Sumber Daya Manusia / Human Resources Planning 3 Pilihan/Elective
Hubungan Industrial / Industrial Relationship 3 Pilihan/Elective
Manajemen Produksi & Operasi / Production & Operation Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Konsentrasi Manajemen Strategi / Strategic Management Concentration
Manajemen Rantai Supply/Supply Chain Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Restrukturisasi Perusahaan / Corporate Restructuring 3 Pilihan/Elective
Kapabilitas Dinamis / Dynamic Capabilities 3 Pilihan/Elective
Konsentrasi Manajemen Pemasaran / Marketing Management Concentration
Manajemen Pemasaran Strategi / Strategic Marketing Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
Perilaku Konsumen / Consumer Behavior 3 Pilihan/Elective
Manajemen Rantai Suplai / Supply Chain Management 3 Pilihan/Elective
IV Tesis/Thesis 6 Wajib/Compulsory