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Hall B 1st Floor

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Hall B 2nd Floor


As one of the Universities that often hold activities  in Campus, UIB provides Halls facility which can be used to hold the events. The Halls are located in Building B 1st floor and 2nd floor of Universitas Internasional Batam. In 1st floor of Hall B can be fulfilled by 250 people and 2nd floor of Hall B can be fulfilled by 200 people. This facility is able to be used by other Agencies. If the Agency has a coorporation with UIB, the Agency can borrow the Facility by confirming to the related Bureau first. But, if there is an Agency that want to rent the Hall, The Agency can contact the related Bureau and will be confirmed about the facility rent cost.

Generally, The Events that usually hold in UIB’s Hall are Seminar, Workshop, or Public Lecture. Hall B 1st and 2nd floor are facilitated by LCD Screen, Projector, Stage, AC and etc. With these facilities, it can create a comfortable atmosphere when the event is on progress.