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Closing of BIPA Program with NTCUST, Taiwan

Indonesian Language for Foreigners Program (Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA) is a program that designed for overseas students come to UIB to learn Bahasa Indonesia for a month. Not only learning how to read, write, and speak in Bahasa Indonesia, but students are also introduced to some aspects of Indonesian culture.  In this year’s Indonesian Language for Foreigner Program, in collaboration with National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan or NTCUST for short, we welcomed four students to UIB.

As previously stated, the students are also encouraged to interact with their surroundings. And so, our International Relations Office arranged some activities for the students. These activities included a cooking class on an Indonesian traditional food, trip to Bintan, Indonesian traditional dance class, visit to a local newspaper office, visit to a historical tourism spot which is Vietnam Refugees Camp, trip to Sembulang Village (teaching children there Mandarin, learn how to make batik, and how to make an Indonesian traditional cake), and visits to religious places in Batam. The students are seen to enjoy their experience here in Batam. “Lecturers and Friends in Batam are really friendly, generous and patience.” said one of the students, Jessica. Another student, Stephen, said “I do really enjoyed stay in Batam.”

At July 29th 2019, a farewell and awarding ceremony for the Indonesian Language for Foreigners Program was held. The ceremony was attended by not only the students themselves, but also by their tutors from the English Department, staffs from International Relations Office, some lecturers from other departments, and some UIB students. In the ceremony, the students were given an award each with Chu Yu-Cheng as the most energetic participant, Gau Shiang-Ling as the most perseverant participant, Jessica as the friendliest participant and Stephen as the most fluent participant. Afterwards, a video of their activities was played. The students then gave their impression on the program and their stay in Batam.

With this year’s Indonesian Language for Foreigners Program with NTCUST finished, it is hoped that this collaboration between UIB and NTCUST would continue in the future.

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