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Five UIB Students are Delegated to South Korea

MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019 – As a university that puts “international standard” in its vision, Universitas Internasional Batam provides some international programs, such as Global Camp, Credit Transfer, Joint Degree, dan Fast Track since it has collaborated with various universities in ASEAN and Asian +3. As an international university, Universitas Internasional Batam regularly send their students to study abroad in some of the countries.

Today on Monday, March 11, five UIB students are officially delegated to Korea. Three students are joining Credit Transfer to Hanbat National University. They are Callista Arden, Gracia Melani, and Selviana Halim and now studying at Management Study Program. The other two students are joining 1+1 Program to Youngsan University. They are Fery and John Elvin Louis and now studying at Magister of Law.

“Please be a good ambassador of UIB and Indonesia there. Learn more and explore more, “ said Rahmi Ayunda, the head of International Relation Office. Then, it is added by Rina S. Syahrullah, Ph.D, “Please join every activity offered for International students there. Please be active and conduct many research.”


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