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International Seminar Between UIB and MSU (Malaysia)

Friday, April 12th, 2019 – UIB International Relation Office held an international seminar entitled “Enabling diversity of Culture, Idea, and Philosophy Beyond Boundaries”. This seminar is collaboration between Universitas Internasional Batam and Management and Science University (MSU), Malaysia. This is the first time for MSU to visit UIB. “This visit aims is to encourage student’s exposure to international community, to help expose them to various culture, idea and philosophy. We are really grateful that UIB welcome us warmly” said Abdul Hakim bin Abdul Razak lecturer from MSU.

The seminar was attended by MSU delegate which consist of 2 lecturer and 66 students, from UIB itself there are 6 lecturers and around 200 UIB students from various study programs that attended in this seminar such as Management Study Program, Accounting Study Program, Information System Study Program, Electrical Engineering Study Program, Law Science Study Program, and English Language Education Study Program.

In the seminar, Dr.Jhonny Budiman lecturer of Management study program shared the implementation of Social Empowerment Program 2018 (SEPORA) program to all participant. On his presentation Dr.Jhonny Budiman said that SePORA is a project-base learning subject that took by UIB students which has aims to encourage students to do social services to the community. Students have to do the observation in certain villages in Batam, find out what is the problem then purpose their solution for the problem.  One of the project that students have done such as law and English sharing-training.  On the other hand Mr.Yulfiswandi,S.E.,M.M lecturer of Management Study Program shared to all the participant about The Development of Islamic Banking and Finance in Indonesia and Policy Response. In his presentation Mr.Yulfiswandi said that Malaysia is superior to Indonesia in terms of Knowledge and Awareness to Sharia Finance. Malaysia is country with the highest level of Sharia  Financial Knowledge, which is seen from the number of  Shariah Finance Research and Graduates. While  Indonesia ranks in 4th position, is superior in terms of  number of Study Programs.

Besides sharing knowledge in management and finance field, in this seminar student representative from UIB and MSU presenting their own culture and heritage to all participant. From UIB was present by Gea Carnando student from English Language Education Study Program.  As the closing of MSU visit, all 66 students and 2 lecturer of MSU was invited to have UIB Campus tour accompanied by UIB students they all were introduced to UIB facilities.


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