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1st Winner of Riau Islands Language Ambassador 2019

Tanjung Pinang City Center (TCC) (4/5) – Election of the Riau Islands Language Ambassador 2019 has reached its peak. The election summit by the Riau Islands Language Center was held at Tanjung Pinang City Center, May 4, 2019. The selection of Language Ambassadors was attended by participants from various regions in the Riau Islands. This shows that this activity received a positive response from the people of Riau Islands.

The first winner of the Riau Islands Language Ambassador 2019 male category was Gea Carnando, an english language education student from University International Batam. When asked, Gea Carnando said that he was very grateful to be the first winner of the Kepri Language Ambassador 2019. His willing and love of bahasa Indonesia became his motivation to participate in this event. “This is the first time I am participating in an election event like this, indeed like what has been said by our committee that the selection of ambassadors is seen from the contents knowledge, not the physical appearance,” He said.

The Riau Islands Language Ambassador 2019 Selection based on Zuryetti Muzar, the head of the language office, had been held since 2006. The participants who had passed the interview selection would continue to enter quarantine where finalists were given debriefing about the importance of the role of ambassadors in the era of globalization, fostering the ideology of Pancasila for the younger generation and language and literature policies.

“With the debriefing, it is hoped that the ambassadors of the language can also be agents of language development in the public space, drivers of literacy in the community, lighters of leadership of the young generation, and examples of the best Indonesian users,” said Zuryetti Muzar.

Furthermore, the finalists were also given debriefing on the policy of fostering language, good and correct Indonesian, improving public communication skills, and utilizing information technology and social media. It is expected that the selection of the Indonesian language ambassadors will be able to invite the public, especially the young, to be proud of using Indonesian.

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