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US Consulate Shared Study Opportunity in US for UIB Students and Lecturers

Tuesday, May 7th 2019 – UIB International Relation Office held a seminar named Info Session & Consultancy: Taking the Right Steps to US Study. This seminar lasted for almost two hours, having started at 1.00 p.m. and ended at 2.50 p.m.. The seminar was attended by 80 students and 4 lecturers from various study program in UIB.

As the speaker of this seminar, Jeffrey Jeo (Educational Advisor of US Consulate) delivered his gratitude to UIB for the warm welcome and hospitality.  In this seminar, Jeffrey Jeo explained that there were a few steps that students have to pay attention to in regards of studying in the US. “There are 5 steps to study in the US,” said Jeffrey. “Research your options, complete your application, find a way finance your studies, apply for your student visa, and last, prepare for your departure.” He also advised that students that want to study abroad should prepare early as the process can take at least a year.

Not only information on how to study in the US, he also introduced several programs that allows students to Join short-term program in the US, one of which is YSEALI Academic Fellowship. YSEALI stands for Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. “YSEALI Academic Fellowship is a program where students all around ASEAN can join together and solve challenges around us,” 2 of alumni from this YSEALI program; Muhammad Rezki and Nuruzzaman As Sidiqi which also UIB Students shared their experience while joing YSEALI Program to all of the participants. “We spent five weeks there and we have learned so much,” said Muhammad Rezki.

YSEALI Academic Fellowship currently has three themes, of which one is taught to students each term. There are Civic Engagement, Environmental Issues and Natural Resources Management, and Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Economic Development. This year’s registration ends in May 8th 2019 at 1.00 p.m..

Jeffrey assured the students that the steps are not hard to do and encouraged them to broaden their horizon by studying abroad.

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