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Information System

UIB School of Computer Science provides bachelor degree program for :

Information System

This program produces students who meet the global demand in computer and information technology based learning process. The student will develop their competencies and knowledge in software engineering techonologies, price database technologies, web and mobile techonologies, multimedia and game technologies, and computer networking technologies. The above competence will make them ready with knowledge to compete with the global challeges.


To be a study program to produce qualified graduates in information system and E-Business Technology through the qualified process of teaching, about it research, buy and community service, cost both in national and international context in 2016.


    • To produce qualified human resource in computer science and information technology, who are able to compete in the global context.
    • To actively develop science through international standard research which benefits the society.
    • To serve the community by dedicating the skills in computer science and information technology according to the norm and ethics in society.
    • To give satisfaction to every academician, entirely and continuously.


Purpose of Education
The purpose of education of information system study program is to conduct learning process with orientation to student centered learning where the learning process is held in 8 semester arranged according to the theme of information system developing cycle, facilitated with e-learning system, apprenticeship, and practical study in the laboratory, such as the programming laboratory, database laboratory, networking laboratory, etc. After 8 semester of learning process, it is hoped that students have competencies in :

  1. Able to understand the needs of user or client of information system.
  2. Able to make business process model according to accurate analysis in business process of enterprise level.
  3. Able to make clear and measured information system design.
  4. Able to develop information system using the latest information and communication technologies.
  5. Able to design and develop the network infrastructure using the latest technologies.
  6. Able to make good organizing, evaluation, and security system for information system.

Able to create, lead, and organize the information system development project

Work Prospect
Graduates of Information System are hoped to be able to work as :

  1. Chief Information Officer ( CIO )
  2. Database Administrator
  3. Information system Project Manager
  4. System Administrator
  5. Webmaster
  6. Database specialist
  7. Internet Developer
  8. Network Engineer
  9. Programmer / Analyst
  10. Website Designer

Curriculum designed according to national and international curriculum to fulfill the need of industry. Curriculum is designed to prepare the graduates of this program to become entrepreneur and able to work in the company or institution that develops information system in their organization.