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Information Technology


As a graduate program that produces quality graduates in the field of information technology especially in cloud technology and security through quality education, research and community service, at the national and international level in 2021


  1. Produce quality human resources in computer science and information technology, which are able to compete in the global market.
  2. Actively developing science through international standard research that is innovative, creative, competitive and efficient for the community.
  3. Serve the community by dedicating skills in computer science and information technology based on local wisdom. 4.
  4. Implement accountable and transparent governance


  1. Learning Field: Produce graduates of the Information Technology Bachelor Program who are professional in computer science and able to become leaders and highly competitive in facing the challenges of competition in the computer science industry and global change in the world.
  2. Field of Research: Improve the quality and amount of strategic, innovative and useful research for industry and society in the field of computer science.
  3. Field of Community Service: Developing the entrepreneurial spirit of students who can apply the knowledge and technology they have in developing a computer science business independently and creating jobs that benefit the community.
  4. Field of Management: Provides management services for an Information Technology-based Bachelor Program that provides accurate, fast and easily accessible information.