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Library of Universitas Internasional Batam is university’s library with the purpose to become the information source of knowledge and science, erectile especially in accountancy, management, economy, computer, law, civil engineering, electrical engineering, hotel management, and other field of studies to help the learning process, with easiness in exploring the knowledge with information technology.

  1. Collection Room
    Collection room in UIB’s library has a collection of :
  • Textbook collection
    This collection is including textbooks about accountancy, management, economics, computer, law, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and hotel management, also with the other supporting books. This collection may be read in the place or borrowed according to the rules.
  • Reference Collection
    Reference collection is information sources published once and in limited number. In the reference collection includes dictionary, encyclopedia, directory, annual report, prospects, laws, handbook, manual, etc. This collection may only be read in the place or photocopied.
  • Periodical Collection
    Periodical collection is collection of books published periodically, such as newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. This collection can only be read in the place or photocopied.
  1. Reading Room
    Reading Room of UIB’s libraries is equipped with tables and chairs.
  2. Searching Facility (OPAC)
    Searching Facility provided by the UIB’s library to search books is OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) that is the means to search books by title, author, subject, keyword, and term list.
  3. Internet facility
    Library provides free internet facility to all library’s member that can be accessed in the working hour of the library.

Library Rules

  • Before going to the collection room or the reading room, customer must fill in the guestbook provided.
  • Library is place to read and learn.
  • Customer must maintain quietness and order in the library.
  • Customer must not eat, drink, or smoke in the library.
  • Customer must maintain the wholeness and safety of library’s equipment used.

Library Procedure

1.  Procedure to Borrow and Return Book

Every member of the library may borrow the literature from library with these conditions:

    • Member must show his/her own KTA.
    • Borrower hold responsibility in the borrowed literature and may not borrow his/her KTA to anybody else.
    • Maximum number of borrowed literature:
      • 2 (two) books for students.
      • 3 (three) books for permanent and impermanent lecturers.
      • 2 (two) books for administration staff.
    • Time period of borrowing books is 1 (one) week and can be prolonged if the book is not in waiting list.
    • Reference collection (dictionary, encyclopedia, research paper, year book, atlas, index, abstract) may not be borrowed, can only be read in reading room.
    • Thesis can only be read in reading room.
    • Periodical collection (scientific journal, newspaper, magazine) may not be borrowed and can only be read in reading room.
    • Guest from outside of UIB can only be borrowed to be read in UIB.
    • For students who will graduate must ask for notice of free from borrowing record from the library in UIB.
    • Book return must be done on time on the designated time.
  1. Procedure to Use Internet
    • Internet facility can only be used for member of library.
    • Member of library who wants to use computer facility must sign to provided user list.
    • Internet facility user gives out their member card as long as using this facility.
    • Internet usage time is one hour, can only be prolonged by one hour maximum as long as there is no other member waiting.
  2. Punishment
    • Find is delivered to borrower that returned the book late that cost                  Rp. 2.500/book/day for non-reference book.
    • The missing/damaged book must be replaced with the same book or with money with the same amount as the price of the missing book.
    • If the book is damaged, but can still be used, the borrower will get fine according to the damage percentage.
    • Lose the membership card will be charged with Rp.10.000,- for replacement fee.
    • Information about late return of collection will be posted in the announcement board.

Library access other than in UIB:

  1. Proquest (online journal)
  2. Pearson Education
  3. Thomson Learning
  4. Universitas Indonesia
  5. Institute Teknologi Bandung
  6. Nanyang Technological University
  7. National University of Singapore
  8. Universitas Malaya
  9. Ilmu Komputer