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Becoming Management Study Program with international standard in producing graduates with leadership and entrepreneurship spirit, recipe being competent in marketing management, healing human resource management, what is ed and financial management, and also responsive in anticipating the development and dynamics global changes.


Conducting the qualified management education proccess with international standard and growing leadership and entrepreneurship spirit in the graduates’ mind, who are able to think critically and analytically in marketing management, human resource management, and financial management, also being able to conduct research in management and able to serve the society through community service, which can be applied according to the global and dynamics business environment

Management Degree Study Program gives occasion to student to choose specialization according to the student’s skill and interest. Management Study Progam Specialization is divided into :

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Finance Management
  3. Human Resource Management
  4. Hotel Management
  5. Tourism Management

Job Prospect
Job prospects for graduates of management:

  • Financial Management:
    Financial Analyst, Financial Planner, Investment Analyst, Credit Analyst
  • Marketing Management:
    Market Analyst, Assistant Buyer, Assistant Sales Manager
  • Human Resource Management:
    Human resources Assistant, Standard recruitment Consultant, Staffing Consultant, Human Resources Officer.
  • Hotel Management
    Hotel Manager, Restaurant Manager, Food & Beverages Specialist
  • Tourism Management
    Tour & Travel Manager, Tourism Consultant

Link-and-match curriculum with the market need and designed to produce ready-to-use economy degree holder in management, capable to entrepreneur or work in industry, banking, government offices, and other organization.