UIB History & Foundation

UIB History & Foundation

Universitas Internasional Batam is one of the biggest university in Batam Island that participated in national development process in educationg the nation's people.

This university is opened since the year 2000 according to the Decree of National Education Ministry of Indonesian Republic (keputusan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional Republik Indonesia) No. 160/D/O/2000, as the implementation and the form of the care of Indonesia Tionghoa People Organization (Yayasan Marga Tionghoa Indonesia (YMTI)) in Batam city towards the education of society in Batam Island and arround it. 

Universitas Internasional Batam has a commitment to integrate the student's private competencies development with specific study program material, to ensure that the graduates have a strong position in work field. The Curriculum is designed according to the National and International curriculum towards the need of industrial world. By academical and professional approach, the graduates from UIB is hoped to be able to actively participate as economical and technology figure which has become more open and competitive.

With professional career guidance, students can use the presents of strategic manufacture industry and international service in Batam Island and also in neighbour countries, such as Singapore and Malaysia, as the field of research and science development, and also society services.

The implementation of knowledge and the real work experience designed in each majors as the actualization of the value and skills of the students, is the plus point and the unique features of UIB in the education progam offered to society.