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P2K2 2018 ANNOUNCEMENT-Update 2nd of AUGUST 2018

Hereby are updated information for P2K2 2018/2019 Program: P2K2 Guidelines Book; E-service Guideline, Academic Portal Online, KRS guideline (video format), New Student Grouping and their Co-Fas, Society Service Guideline, Mobile Portal for Android and Latest Schedule and Venue for New Student KRS. Please read with utmost care. New Student are also required to pay attention towards these information as well:
  1. It is MANDATORY to submit your High school Diploma and Final Test Result Certificate or Official Letter from your school if the said document is not available yet. For those who already submit the documents, Thank you.
  2. All new student who already take student photo, please check your photo data in following link (Here)

If there are mistake on the photo, please check this link:(Here)

Mobile Academic Portal can be accessed using Android Phone, please check it out: (Here)
P2K2 2018/2019 Guideline Book  (Download Here)
E-Service Guideline (Download Here)
Academic Portal Guideline (Download Here)
KRS Guideline (Video) (Download Here)
Grouping of new Student and Co-Fas (Download Here)
Society Service Guidelines (Download Here)

Best Regards
Committee of P2K2 2018

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