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As a superior study program in the field of marine ecotourism based on international ecotourism standards so as to produce graduates who are competent and able to create business opportunities in the field of marine ecotourism


  1. Implement comprehensive and integrated tourism education with a method of reviewing cases both nationally and internationally in the field of global tourism.
  2. Carry out critical, analytical and applicable research in the global tourism field both in national and international contexts.
  3. Providing management assistance / consultation to the community engaged in the tourism business.
  4. Establish cooperation in the field of global tourism with universities and relevant institutions both at national and international levels.
  5. Carry out a comprehensive, renewable, and applicable study process in the community related to hospitality, travel agents, and tourism
  6. Collaborating with professional associations, the tourism industry, and policy makers or interests at the regional, national and international levels
  7. Prepare professionals in the field of tourism who have managerial competence in the field of hospitality, travel bureaus and conceptual, practical and ethical tourism management both nationally and globally
  8. Prepare tourism science that can be used as a reference regionally, nationally and internationally in the field of tourism, especially marine ecotourism, which is guided by international ecotourism and Malay local wisdom