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UIB Excellence

  • Thematic compentency based curriculum and professional lecturers

The curriculum is designed in accordance with the development and advancement of technology and in order to meet the demands of stakeholders. Educational process is designed to improve student’s competency including their sof skills through the entrepreneurship program.

  • Bilingual classes

Courses are partly or entirely taught in English.

  • Internship Program

The program is designed for students to obtain knowledge and practical experiences in accordance with their professions. The program also gives opportunities to students to deepen their understanding towards working system, and cultures.

  • Scholarships Program

Offers various scholarships for students with outstanding academic achievements or who in need of financial assistance,such as Independent Full Scholarship and Excellent Scholarship.

  • Entrepreneurship Program

Since 2008, Universitas Internasional Batam has put more emphasis in nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has been introduced from early years to motivate students to think creatively and develop the spirit. It has been conducted through various activities such as educational activities, general lecturing by sucess entrepreneur, supervising small mendium enterprise (SME).

  • Partners with Leading Institutions

To improve the quality of teaching, research and community service, UIB establishes partnerships and collaborations with both local and overseas institutions.

  • Digital Campus

UIB campus is equipped with digital infrastructure which serves to improve the quality of education, research and services for students, such as system integrated academic information (student portal), e-learning, video conferencing, e-library, wifi, hotspot, and digital bulletin board.

  • Location and Facilities

Strategically located near the city’s business center, the campus has modern facilities (AC, LCD projectors, Video Conference facilities, on-line resources and various laboratories

  • International Program

To realize the international standards, an international program is designed by International Relation Office (IRO) to fulfill the needs of students who possess unique skills and qualifications, the exposure of international situation will give student an extra experience, cost saving and affordable for students, national and international recognizable curriculum and certificates. Our program includes:

1. International Camps

A short term program usually lasts for 2-3 weeks. The main purpose of this program is to introduce students to various culture, languange and way of life in certain country. This program is suitable for people who want to see the living of foreign country.

2. Exchange/ Credit Transfer

A medium term program, usually takes 6 months to 1 year. This program requires student to take some subject in abroad university. It allows student to fully experience study overseas, learn living independently, work abroad and make new friends.

3. Double Degree/ Joint Degree

A long term program which lasts 1-2 years allowing students to complete a certain number of credits in UIB and the remaining in university abroad. The advantage of this program is that students will get two degree at once they graduate (from UIB and the host university). This will particularly enhance students’ competitiveness in the market.