Bureau of Student and Alumni Development

BPKA is a bureau that handles the development of non-academic competencies of students, handling all the problematic dynamics of students, student welfare, career guidance and empowerment of alumni. BPKA is also the executor of the extracurricular administration of students and alumni who is responsible to the Deputy Rector III. BPKA has the responsibility to be actively involved in directing students to the importance of morality and intellectual values ​​that uphold human values. BPKA also has a role in shaping the character of students who are tough and have a nationalism perspective, have reliable soft skills, and have a leadership spirit with compassion, care for the environment, have progressive-innovative-inspirational thinking, and have a fighting attitude and militancy that is not easy. surrender in the face of problems. The formation of these characters internalizes and become the epicenter in various program activities carried out. The final estuary obtained is the creation of independent professionals who are responsive and resilient in society, so that alumni are able to face dynamic global change. To implement their duties, BPKA emphasizes good and integrated services, neat data collection and administration systems, friendly, informative bureaucratic flow systems, easy and fast services for students and alumni and BPKA’s work partners.


Become a partner for students to develop soft skills so that they become graduates who can face dynamic global changes.


  1. Carry out continuous programs to complement academic capabilities through enhancing and involving students in developing abilities, soft skills, social, arts, cross-cultural, and community service.
  2. Carry out activities and services of student interest and performance, which includes the development of student interest and reasoning talents.
  3. Carry out student welfare activities and services in a fair and dignified manner.
  4. Carry out activities and services for career preparation for students and alumni.
  5. Carry out alumni empowerment activities and services.


  1. Student Services.
  2. Non-academic student activities (competitions, training, seminars, workshops).
  3. Activity Development of student interest talent through student organizations (HMPS and UKM).
  4. Scholarship services.
  5. Student accident insurance services.
  6. Counseling services.
  7. Career and Alumni Development Services.
  8. Publication of job vacancies.
  9. Job training for students and alumni.