UIB has a canteen service that provides a variety of foods and drinks for UIB civitas academica. All stands or outlets in the UIB canteen are filled by culinary entrepreneurs with a rental system, which is managed and controlled by the General Affairs Department to ensure all vendors comply with regulations and cleanliness standards.

The location of the UIB canteen is in the center of the campus which is between building A and building B, with the design of two open-spaces that are next to each other and are very spacious. One canteen is used for snacks, and the other canteen is for heavy food or food eaten during the main menu. The main canteen consists of eight tenants that sell various menus in each storefront. UIB canteen also provides many chairs, tables and hand washing facilities that are maintained clean.

The rules for the tariff rates or the standard food prices in the UIB canteen have also been disciplined according to students’ affordability, and controlled by the General Affairs Department. In addition, UIB canteen service uses three forms of system, namely self-service, wait service, and tray service. In general, the main facilities in the UIB Canteen are:

  1. Two large canteens of open spaces
  2. Eight tenants
  3. 200 seats
  4. One Photocopy Center