“Cover Dance Project” Tatra Kencana Dance Student Activity Unit X Grafity Student Activity Unit

Written By humas

On September 7, 2022

The COVER DANCE PROJECT which was held together was successfully implemented on August 28, 2022, running well and smoothly by the Dance Student Activity Unit and Gravity (Photography Student Activity Unit) UIB. Each participant in this activity consists of students from the Modern Dance Student Activity Unit and Gravity Student Activity Unit members who work together to carry out a planned project by displaying several modern dances mash-up documented by Gravity Student Activity Unit by taking photos and videos. Gravity Student Activity Unit will document activities during the implementation of the activity. This is done in order to get a recap or video/photo documentation of the activity of dance activities and cover movements that are carried out directly. This activity is carried out to display the movements that have been trained by each member so that each member can be given the opportunity to show the results of the movements they have prepared from during the exercise. Each participant who attended consisted of 17 members of modern dance, 4 committee of modern dance, and 3 members of Gravity Student Activity Unit. In connection with the declining numbers from the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the “COVER DANCE PROJECT” activity can be carried out directly on the Rooftop Harbor Bay with the requirements to comply with health protocols, namely wearing masks and maintaining cleanliness around.

The Dance Student Activity Unit in this Cover Dance Project activity was divided into several groups to be given the opportunity to perform the dances they had covered. Each of the members performed the movements they had prepared during practice where they will perform with other members during the activity. Each member will be given the opportunity to express all the movements that have been prepared to be shown. Each member is divided into 5 groups to perform dalla-dalla,heart shaker, nmixx, stepback, and weekly dances.

Each group for dance has been filled with a maximum capacity of 7 members, where each member has been selected to perform the dance by being divided into several groups. The dalla-dalla dance group consists of 7 members, the heart shaker dance group consists of 7 members, the nmixx dance consists of 6 members, the stepback dance consists of 7 members, the weekly dance consists of 3 members, and 3 members of Gravity Studen Activity Unit are added to capture the moment during the performance. Which is where each dance member has been selected during practice to see who is suitable to be positioned so that they can help each other so that they are evenly matched to other members so that they can train their talents better and smoother.

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