PON XX Papua 2021 02 - 15 Oktober 2021
English Center

UIB Center of Language and Culture is a technical implementation unit in the field of language learning and service development. The head of UCLC is coordinated by the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs. UCLC has the function of carrying out learning development, language skills improvement and language proficiency testing services. UCLC organizes both regular learning activities and non-regular learning activities in the form of training and courses in the UIB environment. The language development activities at UIB are carried out using UIB internal budget and budget from external parties.


To become a supporting system institution of UIB as an international standard university through language and cultural services.


1. Initiating cooperation in the field of language and culture with various strategic institutions to support the implementation of the Three Pillars of Higher Education.

2. Be active in collaboration activities both as activity initiators, activity planners, facilitators, and committees.

3. Organizing language services for UIB Civitas Academica and the public to improve language skills and language services.


1. Improving the English language skills of UIB Civitas Academica through learning and training.

2. Increasing the role of Indonesian learning for foreign speakers.

3. Improving English and Indonesian language test services for UIB Civitas Academica and the public.


1.    Improving the English language skills of UIB Civitas Academica up to basic working proficiency.

2.    Increasing the number of participants in English and Indonesian training.

3. Increasing the number of English language test participation

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