Registration Guide


This guide is used to assist Prospective New Students in registering for New Student Admissions for both Scholarship Waves and Regular Waves online via the registration website http://pendaftaran.uib.ac.id/

2. Conditions

  • Personal biodata and other data during registration must be in accordance with the Family Card.
  • If there is different data between the Family Card and the Birth Certificate or Diploma, the prospective student must make a stamped statement explaining that the data does not match; 
  • All prospective students are required to pay a registration fee to take the Entrance Screening Examination in the amount of:


  1. Scholarship Wave: IDR 150,000.00
  2. Regular Wave: IDR 250,000.00  
Registration Payment Level 
The stages of payment can be seen in the FOLLOWING guidelines 

3. Registration Instructions

  • Beranda; there is a Registration and Academic menu. The Academic Menu is a menu that contains information about the Study Program;
  • Gelombang; if you click on this menu, you will immediately go to the registration menu; 
  • Informasi Umum; which consists of Requirements for Entrance Examination Participants, Table of Tuition Fees, as well as information about dormitories or boarding houses; 
  • Kontak; consisting of telephone number, email, address and campus location map 
  • Daftar/Login; Prospective students log-in using their account to register. If you don’t have an account, you must create an account first  Prospective students log-in using their account to register. If you don’t have an account, you must create an account first  

2. Prospective students can go to the batch menu or go directly to the Registration menu on the Home menu

3. Prospective students must first log in using an account then click REGISTER. If you don’t have an account, you must create an account first by clicking the Register/Login menu at the top right of the menu, as below:

Note: Full Name and NIK data must be filled in according to the data on the Participant’s Family Card.

4. This is the login screen if you don’t have an account, enter an active email and password (free) then click the login button. If the login is successful, information will appear, then check the inbox of the email you used for verification.

5. Display Account Registration Confirmation in the Registrant’s email inbox, then Click to Confirm Registration as below:
6. Registrants will be taken to the New Account Confirmation page as below:
7. After successfully creating an account, applicants can log in to start registering by filling in the registration form for prospective undergraduate students which consists of the menu: Personal Biodata, Parent Biodata, and Upload Documents. 
  • In the Personal Biodata menu, all columns marked (*) are required to be filled in by Participants and with the following conditions
    • On the Documents menu, all files listed on the website page MUST be uploaded in PDF format   with a maximum document size of 2 (two) MB, such as:

  • Documents uploaded by Prospective Students must have proper resolution/can be read clearly (to avoid rejection of verification). 
  • Documents uploaded by participants must have the file name format:   
Participant Name – Place Date of Birth (dd-mm-yyyy) – Document Name 
8. Documents that have been uploaded must first receive verification from the New Student Admissions committee team, whether the uploaded files are approved or rejected. This verification process takes a maximum of 2 x 24 working hours. Prospective students can log out first and log in again on the same day or the following day. The document inspection status can be seen in the description as shown in the following image: 
9. If you have completed the final section, prospective students can check the status in the My Account menu, which contains registration information, payment status and password for taking the Entrance Screening Examination at UIB. Prospective students must remember the entrance exam schedule. The registration process has been completed.
The following is what the My Account menu will look like when it has been approved.

Instructions for online registration can be seen in the following video

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