a brief History

The implementation of internal quality assurance at UIB began with the establishment of the Quality Assurance Center in 2006 based on Rector’s Decree No. 022/R/KEP-UIB/IV/2006. The Quality Assurance Center is tasked with establishing, implementing, evaluating, controlling and improving quality standards in the fields of education, research, community service and service. The Quality Assurance Center (QAC) is assisted by the Internal Control Unit (SPI) in carrying out quality assurance in the non-academic field. Implementation of quality assurance is carried out based on the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) approach. With the development of the higher education quality assurance paradigm, and the importance of SPMI’s role in the administration of higher education, the quality assurance center has developed into an institution under the direct coordination of the rector. In early 2021, QAC changed its name to the Internal Quality Assurance Institute (LPMI). LPMI is responsible for implementing quality assurance both academic and non-academic using the PPEPP (Determination-Implementation-Evaluation-Control-Improvement) approach.