Individual Independent Scholarship or Bidikmisi

It is a scholarship that provides free tuition for 7 semesters and has internship opportunities at Batam International University, aimed for economically disadvantaged students, has minimal academic and non-academic achievements at the city level and passes the Entrance Screening Test with the standard value of Batam International University. For prospective scholarship recipients Individual Independent Scholarship or Bidikmisi must attach all the requirements in accordance with the provisions of the Universitas Internasional Batamand for those who live in Batam, the University will conduct a survey of each prospective New Student’s home. As for prospective recipients of Individual Independent Scholarship or Bidikmisi scholarships outside the Batam area, the University will conduct a telephone survey with condition that they have completed all the requirements requested.


  1. Minimum Average Report’s score of 7.50;
  2. Minimum Admission Test score of 65;
  3. Have a minimum academic and / or non-academic achievement at the city level;
  4. Parent / guardian education as high as S1 or Diploma 4;
  5. Attach the latest SKTM (Certificate of Disability) from regent office;
  6. Photos of the house (front view, living room and kitchen);
  7. Attach electricity and water accounts for the last 3 (three) months;
  8. Must have an internship at UIB and pass a trial period of 3 months.


  • 100% (free) SPP / Building Fees;
  • 100% discount (free) Tuition Fees (Basic BPP and SKS);
  • 100% discount (free) Laboratory fees, (Special S1-Tourism 50% Free).