Master of Management in University of International Batam supports the Prevention of Covid-19 Virus spread

Written By humas

On May 29, 2020

Batam, March 27, 2020, The UIB Master association, in particular, the Master of Management at the University of International Batam supports the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of Virus COVID-19. This support was shown by the Master by distributing multivitamins to Precinct PP Batam city, Mr. Fridkalter, PP, SE, MM.

As an effort to prevent COVID 19, the government continues to instruct and appeal for social distancing and stops activities that cause crowds to gather. In this case, Precinct PP officers are one of the frontline officers so that the community can be orderly and carry out these appeals. Precinct PP officers carry out their duties in the field, to places that are potentially visited by many people such as restaurants, malls, town squares, playgrounds, cafes, and other places.  Of course, the place visited also has a risk where it has been exposed to a virus. To anticipate this, Precinct PP officers need to have good endurance.

Seeing this condition, The UIB graduate Master of Management were moved to carry out their awareness actions towards the Precinct PP on duty. It is hoped that all frontline officers like Precinct PP can remain healthy in carrying out their duties. It is hoped as well that the participation of all parties in breaking the chain of the spread of this virus can make Batam and all cities in Indonesia and even in the world, be immediately free from the threat of this virus..

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