Online Registration Guide for New Students at Universitas Internasional Batam
1. Goal


This provision is used as a guide for Prospective New Students registering online through the PMB system both Scholarship Waves and Regular Waves.




2. Provisions


  1. Online data input must be based on data on the Family Register.
  2. If there are different datas between the Family Register with birth certificate or diploma, the prospective student must make a stamped statemen.
  3. All participants must make an initial registration payment to take the Admission Test in nominal terms:


      • Scholarship Pathway : IDR 150,000.00
      • Regular Pathway             : IDR 250,000


Payment Stage for registration:


–  payment for registration is done throught an account transfer, namely:


Account Number: 8000 8041 6800
Account Holder Name: YMTI Universitas Internasional Batam
Bank Name : CIMB Niaga


–   After the transfer, participants are requi:


Menu : ”Documents” on the online listing website




3. Registration Instructions

1. Open website to fill in the data.On the front(Homepage) there are several tab menus:


1. Home; there is Registration and Academic menu. Academic Menu is a menu that contains information about the Study Program;


2. Batch; which if you click on this menu, will immediately enter the registration menu;


3. General Information; which consists of Requirements for Participants in the Entrance Test, Education Fee Table, and information about dormitory or boarding house;


4. Contact; consist of telephone numbers, e-mails, addresses and maps of campus locations.


5. Register/Login; Prospective students will log in using an account to register. If you don’t have an account, you must first create an account




2.Prospective students can enter the Batch menu or direct to Registration menu in the Home menu.




3.Prospective students must log-in first to use an account then click REGISTER. If you do not have an account, you must first create an account by clicking on the register / login menu at the top right of the menu, as below:


Catatan:Data on Full Name and NIK must be filled in according to the data on Participant’s Family register.


4.This is the login screen if you don’t have an account, enter your active email and password (free) then click the login button. If the login is successful the info will appear then check the inbox in the email that was entered for verification.




5.Display of Account Registration Confirmation in the Registrant’s email inbox, then click to Confirm Registration as below




6.Registrants will be taken to the New Account Confirmation page as below:




7.After successfully creating an account, applicants can log-in to start registering by filling in the registration form for prospective undergraduate students, which consists of the menu: Personal Biodata, Parental Biodata, and Document upload.

a.In the Personal Biodata menu, all fields signed * are mandatory for the Participant to complete and with the following conditions:

b.In the Parent’s Biodata menu, all fields signed * must be filled in by the Participant and with the following conditions:

c.On Documents menu, all files listed on the website page MUST be uploaded in PDF format with a maximum document size of 2 (two) MB such as: Birth Certificate, Family register, Photos, Identity Card, Payment Receipts, Semester 1-4 Reports, and Letters School / Diploma and SKHU Information.




a. Documents uploaded by participants must have decent resolution / can be read clearly (to avoid rejection of verification).


b. Documents uploaded by participants must have a file name format:


          Name of Participant – Place of Birth Date (dd-mm-yyyy) – Document name





8. The submission documents must get verification in advance from the New Student Admissions committee, whether the uploaded file is approved or rejected. This verification process takes a maximum 1 x 24 hours working day. Registrants can log out first and can log in again on the same day or the next day.



9. Registrant log-in again and will appear like this:



The registration process is complete and the registrant can take the Entrance Test and get the Exam Card.




10. If you have completed the final section, prospective participants can check the status in My Account menu, which contains registration information, payment status and password to take the Entrance Test. Participants must remember the schedule for entrance examination, and online registration process is complete.





Guide to online registration can be seen in the following video