Organizational Structure and Gevernance

LPMI in carrying out its duties and functions consists of:

a. Chairman of the Internal Quality Assurance Agency, with job descriptions:

    1. Formulate and develop policies and guidelines related to the implementation of quality assurance for academic and non-academic programs
    2. Assist all units in compiling programs and achievement indicators in accordance with the university’s strategic plan;
    3. As coordinator of implementation of quality assurance activities for academic and non-academic programs;
    4. As a coordinator in evaluating the results of the quality assurance implementation and formulating recommendations for improvement for program sustainability;Responsible for the implementation of external quality assurance for the level of program managers and universities; And
    5. Report the results of SPMI implementation to the Chancellor.

b.Secretary, with job description:

    1. Serves as a document controller, namely ensuring the quality and validity of all documents produced by each unit;
    2. Coordinating the administration of the completeness of internal quality assurance documents; And
      1. Coordinate the preparation of quality documents during the external quality assurance process.

    c. Center for Academic and Non-Academic Quality Assurance, with job descriptions:


      1. Disseminate the Internal Quality Assurance System Document to the Dean, Head and Secretary of the Study Program, Science Coordinator, Lecturer, Head of Laboratory and Education Staff;
      2. Ensuring the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System in each unit in accordance with the Internal Quality Assurance System Standards;
      3. Carry out control over the implementation of the duties of each non-academic management unit (finance, assets, services, administration, information systems, and facilities) so that it can run according to plans and laws, procedures and standards set by the University;
      4. Monitoring the implementation of Standards and procedures at Institutions/Central/Bureau/UPT/Office; Personnel management; Financial management; University inventory management; Management of student administration; Information system management; and Services at the Institution/Central/Bureau/UPT/Office;
      5. Monitor continuously the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System in each unit;
      6. Providing information, input, suggestions and recommendations to unit heads regarding the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System;
      7. Make a report on the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System and submit the report to the Head of the Internal Quality Assurance Agency every semester; And
      8. Conduct a review of accreditation forms and documents at the Faculty and Study Program level before submitting them to the Internal Quality Auditor for an assessment simulation.


    d. Internal Audit Center, with job descriptions:

      1. Develop policies and guidelines for monitoring and evaluation (monev) as well as internal audits in the academic and non-academic fields;
      2. Arrange regular monitoring and evaluation programs and audits;
      3. Coordinate the implementation of monev and audits for each unit within the university according to applicable standards;
      4. Prepare monev and audit reports and report them to the Head of the Internal Quality Assurance Agency;
      5. Conducting an audit of the readiness of the accreditation process at the faculty and university level;
      6. Report the results of the accreditation process readiness audit to the Head of the Quality Assurance Agency for follow-up;
      7. Coordinate the running of routine monthly and daily monev in each unit and ensure the continuity of routine monitoring and evaluation activities in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines; And
      8. Reporting routine monev findings to the Head of the Internal Quality Assurance Agency for follow-up.