Performance Improvement: Student Organization Evaluation Meeting for Even Semester Period 2023/2024

Written By humas

On January 27, 2024

Batam, 27 January 2024 – Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB), through the Student and Alumni Development Bureau (BPKA), held a Student Organization Evaluation Meeting for the 2023/2024 Even Semester Period at Universitas Internasional Batam. This activity aims to connect student aspirations with the university and evaluate how to strengthen and improve the implementation performance of BPKA and ORMAWA.

Their work programs. At this meeting, several important things were discussed, namely related to the competition schedule from the National Achievement Development Center (Pupresnas), the schedule or competition plan from the Study Program (Prodi) for HMPS (Study Program Student Association) and related to the opening of registration for the UIB committee. Fest 2024. Not only that but the realisation of the implementation of the Ormawa work program was also discussed at this meeting; through the percentage of realisation of the implementation of the Ormawa work program, we can see to what extent Ormawa has implemented its work program. At the end of the meeting, we opened it up to students to express their aspirations or ask questions about the material discussed.

Several competitions are highlighted on the Puspresnas competition schedule, from the National Mathematics and Science Olympiad (ON – MIPA) to the National Student Science Week (PIMNAS). The target participants for the Puspresnas competition itself can be taken from students from all study programs, or there are several competitions, such as the Student Digital Innovation Competition (LIDM), which is specifically for students of the Information Systems and Information Technology Study Program or the Indonesian Bridge Competition (KJI) and the Indonesian Building Competition (KGBI) which specifically for students from the Civil Engineering Study Program and several other competitions.

Meanwhile, the study program’s competition plan contains a national competition planning schedule that will be in collaboration with the relevant HMPS. The aim of holding this competition is to support and encourage students’ interests and talents to take part in competitions. Some examples of these competitions are the Colsa Creative Innovative Competition, which the Legal Sciences Study Program plans in collaboration with HMPS Legal Sciences.

It has been opened regarding registration for the UIB Fest 2024 committee, which will be held from June 3 – 7, 2024. We expect participation from students to take part and participate in preparing and planning UIB Fest 2024. Open committee registration starts with the Committee Chair and other committee members. Bearing in mind that it is hoped that there will be involvement and representation of all Ormawa in the committee.

Through this meeting, it is hoped that Ormawa can increase student participation and achievements in Puspresnas competitions and develop the implementation of national-level competitions in collaboration with study programs. Ormawa’s performance is expected to improve in implementing its planned work program. Through this meeting, it will also be easier for us to get a committee to organise UIB Fest 2024

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