Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau

Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau

Batam City as a region directly bordering with Singapore and Malaysia is an area with a very high level of visits compared to other regions, thus the accessibility of Batam City is higher than other regions are a potential opportunity in expanding the network of new student admissions areas. Opportunities for cooperation with stakeholders both from domestic and abroad are opportunities that must be utilized in developing the quality of education at UIB for the direction of the quality of international standard education. Geographical location in the border region is an opportunity for UIB to collaborate with institutions from abroad.

The UIB marketing strategy will be implemented to respond opportunities and threats that faced in the external environment is how to spot the UIB as a university that has an advantage or value-added that is not owned by other universities in the Riau Islands Province. The additional value is the international quality standard which is the goal in the development of education, as well as graduate quality standards that are oriented towards the needs of the global workforce.

In its operations, cooperation and improvement of new students is done by the Public Relations Bureau. Furthermore, the Public Relations Bureau includes promotion, marketing, publication, documentation, protocols, and administration, which daily have KPI targets or key performance indicators. The Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau is a gateway and a bridge with the UIB Civitas Academica. The vision and mission of the Public Relations and Cooperation Bureau to support the vision and mission of UIB to become a university that has international standard graduates and can go along with the changing eras.


  • As a mediator or a liaison between universities, the community, industry, and government through the imaging of the Universitas Internasional Batam as an international quality university.


  • Providing professional services supported by competent staff, especially the service to the community, industry, and government, as well as internal services for UIB Civitas Academica.
  • Providing clear and reliable information about Universitas Internasional Batam.
  • Improving the image of Universitas Internasional Batam to the public through publications and promotional activities.
  • Establishing and developing cooperation at the local, national and international levels to improve and maintain the existence of UIB which is equipped with the improvement of information and communication service capabilities through technology media.


  • Developing Public Relations strategic plans
  • Networking cooperation with various institutions in the country for academic activities.
  • Disseminating information related to local and national scholarship information.
  • Coordinating with various parties related to the visit of the UIB to various institutions.
  • Pioneering marketing efforts and other related activities both internally and externally on an ongoing and professional basis.


  • Disseminating information about admission and registration of new students.
  • Administering the process of admission of new students.
  • Managing university marketing and promotion activities.
  • Managing university branding activities.
  • Publishing and documenting all university activities.
  • Managing and developing domestic cooperation activities.


  • MoU and MoA services with domestic agencies.
  • Room rental services and facilities.
  • Certificate activities services.
  • New student scholarship services.
  • University souvenir purchasing services.
  • New student services.