“Sketching with Artution” Increases Creativity in Architectural Sketching with Artution

Written By humas

On September 7, 2022

On August 13, 2022, Architecture Study Program Student Association, namely Artution, held a sketch competition with Architecture Students. This activity is the first Live Sketch#1 activity and in the future this activity will continue to be carried out every year.

The seminar activity on August 13 was held in the UIB Hall with R. Agung Sedayu, IAI as speaker from the Batam Sketch Community and Azril Apriansyah, S. T, M. T, IAI as Architecture Lecturer at Universitas Internasional Batam. The webinar activity went smoothly and the participants were very enthusiastic about holding this activity, because this activity was the first offline activity after approximately 2 years of the pandemic, which required us to hold activities without face to face.

This activity takes place in a hybrid manner, namely online and offline. Due to unfavorable weather factors to do a live sketch at the Budhi Bhakti Vihara, the joint sketch event was postponed and continued on August 21, 2022, namely an online sketch competition due to uncertain weather. The participants were given a photo of the Vihara Budhi Bhakti as a sketch object and the sketch was carried out for 30 minutes. The judges for this activity are R. Agung Sedayu, IAI who is an expert in hand sketching.

This activity is a form of preserving, honing and improving the basic skills of UIB Architecture Students. To hone and improve skills in drawing hand sketches, which are mandatory and must be mastered as a basic skill of Architecture Students which aims to increase creativity and point of view in observing an object and applied through pen or pencil strokes with paper media. With the Live Sketch #1 activity, it is hoped that UIB Architecture Students will not forget and continue to hone basic skills in architecture, namely hand sketching.

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