The History of UIB

Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB) was established in 2000 based on the Decree of the Minister of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 160 / D / O / 2000. UIB is a private university managed by the Yayasan Marga Tionghoa Indonesia (YMTI) as a form of concern for education for the society in Batam and surrounding areas.

Initially, Universitas Internasional Batam was located at Engku Putri area, Batam Center, as a place for activity of lectures. In 2003, Universitas Internasional Batam had its campus located on Gajah Mada Street, Baloi – Sei Ladi, Batam.

During this time, UIB strategy developments are divided into several stages. The first stage was infrastructure development and the second stage focused to increase the capacity development. The capacity development that was carried out since 2007 in the five-year-Strategic-Plan was also implemented in several stages. The capacity development in 2007-2011 was initiated by strengthening the UIB governance. Then, in 2010-2013, UIB focused on developing the efficiency and relevance. In 2012-2016, the development was directed to achieve international quality according to the vision and mission of UIB.

In 2019, UIB, as an institution, achieved B Accreditation and was included in the 5% of the best universities in Indonesia. Besides, UIB also achieved the first rank as the best private university by LLDIKTI (Institution Services for Private Higher Education) Region X. Meanwhile, for the Performance and Community Service, UIB was counted in the superior cluster.

Currently, UIB has 6 Faculties and 12 Study Programs that are accredited by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education. Now, UIB has 6 A-accredited-study-programs, 4 B-accredited-study-programs, and 2 new study programs that are still in the accreditation process. Through international programs, UIB has also successfully collaborated and cooperated with 32 leading universities in Southeast Asia and Asia.

Based on this history of development, it portrays that UIB has developed dynamically externally and internally in the last ten years. UIB shows progressive grow to be one of the best private universities in implementing Three Pillars of Higher Education to enhance Indonesian human resources that have value of humanity, academics, morality, and independence to compete globally.