The Role of LPMI

The main duties and functions of LPMI are as follows:

  1. Plan, implement, evaluate, control and develop SPMI;
  2. Compile SPMI Documents consisting of:
      • SPMI Policy Documents;
      • SPMI Manual Documents;
      • SPMI Standard Document; And
      • SPMI Form Documents.
  3. Integrating SPMI in higher education management;
  4. Become a driving force for the implementation of the Internal and External Quality Assurance System;
  5. Control academic and non-academic quality at the university level;
  6. Ensure that there are periodic improvements in the implementation of the quality assurance process for the achievement of predetermined performance indicators;
  7. Prepare accreditation instruments needed in the External Quality Assurance System process;
  8. Developing an Internal Quality Assurance System based on an integrated information system;
  9. Carry out UIB internal quality audits; And
  10. Provide follow-up recommendations for quality improvement based on monitoring and evaluation results as well as internal audits to the Chancellor.