UIB Accreditation

As a university that prioritizes the excellence of education, Universitas Internasional Batam always strives to improve the quality of its study programs. The quality of the study program can be seen from the accreditation of each study program. Most of study programs at Universitas Internasional Batam are accredited. A total of 6 (six) study programs have been A-accredited, 3 (three) study programs have been B-accredited, and 1 (one) study program have achieved “Baik” (Good) accreditation, and one study program is on desk evaluation accreditation process.

The detail of accreditation of each study program is as follows:

  1. Civil Engineering Study Program (A-Accredited)
  2. Architecture Study Program (Good Accredited)
  3. Electrical Engineering (B-Accredited)
  4. Information System Study Program (A-Accredited)
  5. Information Technology Study Program (Desk Evaluation)
  6. Management Study Program (A-Accredited)
  7. Accounting Study Program (A-Accredited)
  8. Tourism Study Program (B-Accredited)
  9. Master of Management Study Program (B-Accredited)
  10. Law Science Study Program (A-Accredited)
  11. Master of Law Study Program (A-Accredited)
  12. English Language Education Study Program (B-Accredited)