UIB and MSU Collaborate on Community Service in Orphanages to Realize SDG Program

Written By humas

On January 19, 2024

Universitas Internasional Batam (UIB) and a university from Malaysia, Management and Science University (MSU), are collaborating on a community service project for orphanages. The study programs involve Accounting, Management, Tourism, English Language Education and Masters in Management. Implementation of activities supports SDGs 3 and 15.

They are achieving health coverage for the number of children at the AT-Taqwa Orphanage. Students and lecturers carry out a spirit of cooperation in cleaning the residence and environment around the orphanage to positively contribute to the children in adopting a healthy life. This activity was carried out on Thursday, January 4 2024, at the At-Taqwa Orphanage, Batam City, Riau Islands.

In this collaborative activity, UIB and MSU students held a series of creative and educational activities at the orphanage. Cooperation activities cleaned the orphanage, had interactive learning sessions through games, and ended with a handover of donations.

This collaboration strengthens relations between universities at the international level. Through this activity, UIB and MSU prove that cooperation between countries can positively impact communities in need.

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