UIB Excellence
Thematic Competency-based curriculum and Implementation of Outcome Based Learning


The curriculum is designed based on Market Signal which was analyzed through the results of Tracer Study in response to the development of Science and Technology (scientific vision), community needs (societal needs), and the needs of graduate users (stakeholder needs). Referring to the National Standards of Higher Education in the IQF qualification levels, continuing to improve the quality recognized through National and International Accreditation (Outcome Based Education). UIB implements an educational process that is designed according to the development and advancement of technology of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and 21st Century learning to improve student competencies, which include the ability to analyze facts, information and make objective assessments, creativity, collaboration, communication, and design thinking, including soft skills through programs entrepreneurship.


International Class

In the learning process, UIB has two kinds of class, namely regular and international class. Following the development of globalization which has triggered an increase in the use of foreign languages, especially English and Mandarin at this time. UIB has improved the English proficiency of students by conducting international classes, a bilingual English-speaking program that gradually and consistently uses two languages ​​in instruction, formal writing, learning, and communication, as well as the English Training for International Classroom Advancement (ETICA) program.

UIB also determines the TOEIC score at the Intermediate level as a condition for student graduation. In 2007, UIB was designated as the TOEIC Test Center and the 4th IBT (Internet Based TOEFL) organizer in Indonesia in which UIB is the first organizer outside of Java. Meanwhile, in learning Mandarin, UIB stipulates as part of the curriculum in compulsory two-semester courses. Since 2008, UIB has been appointed as a partner of the Ministry of National Education’s Chinese Language Consortium as the Organizer of the Mandarin Language State Examinations (YCT, BCT, HSK). The Mandarin International Exam is conducted twice a year by the Mandarin Center UIB in collaboration with the Chinese Ministry of Education.


Internship Program

This program is designed for students as part of the curriculum to deepen their understanding of work systems, procedures, and work culture. Students are deployed to work directly under the guidance and supervision of more experienced workers, through a job training system that is organized in an integrated manner in industry or company, to gain knowledge, skills, and practical experience following their fields.

Scholarship Program

UIB provides financial assistance to students and new students to be used as consideration of continuing education which is pursued through various scholarship programs. UIB offers 10 billion scholarships to new students who want to pursue higher education after graduating at high school. Scholarships offer can be given by government institutions or UIB foundations for students with exceptional academic achievement or who need financial assistance or disadvantaged, categorized as free gifts or gifts with work ties.

Entrepreneurship Program

The entrepreneurship program has been implemented in an integrated manner by UIB since 2008, which was introduced from the early years of lectures through various activities such as education, public lectures by inviting businessman, and projects overseeing small medium companies (SMEs). This education emphasizes the values that shape the character and behaviour of students as a whole (holistic), to create motivation, creativity, work, understanding and skills as an entrepreneur. Therefore, students are motivated to became entrepreneur, has own business, and has contribution to reduce national unemployment issues. 



Partners with Leading Institutions

To improve the quality of teaching, research, and community service, UIB develops cooperation, partnerships and collaborations with universities, industry, and institutions at local and international levels. UIB is the most productive partnership university in Riau Islands Province in 2020 (3 consecutive years)


Digital Campus

UIB applies the digitalization of higher education to improve efficiency, quality of education, research, services for students, and support the quality of the campus. Various digital infrastructures continue to improve as an effort to facilitate Information Technology on campus by providing e-service, online class, online test system, interactive websites, free internet, hot spots, modern computer laboratories, e-libraries, academic integrated information systems (student portals), e-learning, videos conferencing, Wi-Fi, digital notice boards, and collaboration with Microsoft in providing of licensed software.


Location and Facilities

Universitas Internasional Batam located in a very strategic area and close to business centers. The convenience and completeness of facilities within the UIB campus is also supported by a conducive campus environment. Students can access educational facilities and the best research, gain experience, and innovative approaches in learning and research. Students will get campus life filled with cultural, social, and sports activities. Various modern facilities provided include a library, auditorium, campus internet, arts & music studio (band and dance studio), various program study laboratories, video conference room, garden, canteen, mosque, gym, clinic, meditation room, sports hall, and dormitory.


International Program

By implementing International standards, UIB creates various international programs designed by the International Relations Office (IRO) by sending students abroad (outbound students) and accepting foreign students (inbound students). The program aims to improve student professionalism so that they can compete globally through national and international curricula and certifications at an affordable cost. International programs offered include:

  1. Language & Cultural Camp(2-3 weeks)

Activities that focus on foreign language and cultural studies abroad for 2 to 3 weeks.

  1. Credit Transfer(1-2 semesters)

Study at overseas university for 1 to 2 semesters.

  1. Joint Degree
  • 2 + 2 Programs, study 2 years at UIB and 2 years abroad and get a bachelor’s degree from UIB and overseas universities as well.
  • 1 + 1 Program (S2 program), study 1 year at UIB and 1 year abroad and get a master’s degree from UIB and overseas universities as well
  1. Fast Track (3+2 Program)

Study 3 years at UIB, then 2 years abroad to get bachelor and master degree. The students will have a bachelor degree from UIB and a master degree from an overseas university as well.

  1. Internship & Language Courses

Undertake industrial internships abroad and learn foreign languages together for 1-2 years.

  1. Joint seminar/activities

Conduct joint seminars / activities between UIB and overseas institutions.