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    • KEGIATAN KAPAL PEMUDA KEPRI 2017  Anak Pulau Seharusnya Tahu Lautannya!
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To be a university with International Quality Standard that produces graduates that can meet global dynamic changes


analytical research and humane society services according to international quality standard


UIB provides Bachelor Degree and Diploma Degree for the prospective applicant of Undergraduates Program. UIB also offers various scholarships for excellent freshmen and students during the programmes.
Enrollment Academic Year 2016-2017 :
18 Juli – 29 Juli 2016
Enrollment Test :
30 Juli 2016 (10:00 AM)


Postgraduates Programmes of UIB provides an advanced academic degree in Business Administration and Law. The prospective applicants still can pursue the Master degree although from different background.
Enrollment Academic Year 2016-2017:
14 May – 12 August 2016
Enrollment Test :
13 August 2016 (09.00 AM)

Quality Assurance Center

Quality Assurance Center function to monitor and evaluate the suitability and level of achievement of the plan and / or standards have been set. Monitoring and evaluation activities performed internally by using a standard reference set by UIB.

  1. Compassion
  2. Integrity
  3. Work Smart
  4. Innovation
  5. Excellence
  6. Customer Focus

UIB Centre of Language and Culture

Universitas Internasional Batam inaugurated its International Linguistic Center last June 20, 2003. The idea of establishing a linguistic centre within the university was prompted by the growing need to be competitive globally. English, whether we realize it or not, has become the language of the world. It is the medium that links more than 200 countries around the globe. Read More…

Business Development Centre (BDC)

UIB Business Development Centre (UIB-BDC) is a pool of experienced professionals in their respective fields. The following are the services we offer:

  1. Information Technology Solutions
  2. Training & Seminar
  3. Marketing Services
  4. Research Services

Prospective Student

UIB offer various scholarship for those outstanding high school student with great academic or non academic achievement. The various scholarship are :

Scholarship of Unggulan
Scholarship of Cemerlang
Scholarship of Insan Mandiri
Scholarship of Prestasi 1
Scholarship of Prestasi 2
Scholarship of Prestasi 3

UIB Student

UIB also offers various scholarships for excellent students during the courses. The scholarship are also availabe for thoese are in need of financial assistance. They are :

Scholarhsip of Academic Performance
Scholarship of Student Asisstance
Scholarship from Provincial Government
Scholarship Supersemar


      JOB VACANCY  Vacancy No. 049/CDC‐UIB/VIII/2017  AVRIST ASSURANCE Membuka lowongan kerja untuk posisi : 1. Financial Advisor 2. Associate Manager Kualifikasi sebagai berikut  : 1. Maksimal umur 35 tahun 2. Pendidikan min. SMA/Sederajat 3. …
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